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Co Module 11@2x

Module 1 - The Dirty World of Beauty

Learn all about the toxins commonly found in skin and beauty products that are harmful to your health, the planet and the animals we share it with.

We ask how safe is fragrance? and give you an A-Z of ingredients to avoid and why.

This module also contains downloadable PDF’s, tasks and a quiz at the end.

Module 2 - How to read ingredients labels

We will teach you how to read ingredients labels properly so that you can decipher which products are clean and which are not.

We take a deep dive into how ingredients labels work and how some companies try to deceive the consumer. 

Includes downloadable PDF’s, a task and a quiz.

Co Module 22@2x
Co Module 33@2x

Module 3 - All about Natural Ingredients

Let’s deep dive into the power of natural ingredients. We discuss the benefits and properties of natural ingredients and natural preservatives.

We share an A-Z of our favourite natural ingredients as well as a task and a quiz in this module.

Module 4 - Natural solutions for the biggest skin concerns

Natural solutions for the biggest skin concerns

This module is all about making it easy to recommend natural ingredients for your clients specific skin concerns.

We will learn about all the things clients are often doing that cause their skin problems and the importance of sun protection.

You will get downloadable PDF’s, 2 x quizzes and a task in this module.

Co Module 44@2x
Co Module 511@2x

Module 5 - Sustainable Beauty Tools

New age beauty tools are here to stay. We’ve taken a new approach to tools our ancestors used and are bringing them into the new age. 

Find out about these tools so you can recommend them, use them and answer questions about them from your clients.

This module includes downloadable PDF’s and a fun quiz.

Module 6 - How to ensure your career is sustainable

Being a beauty therapist requires a unique ability to give a lot of yourself to your client. We talk about how to fill your own cup so that you can enjoy a prolonged beauty career without burning out.

There are so many tips for staying mentally fit throughout this module as well as a task and a mindful meditation.

Co Module 66@2x
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