‘Green Beauty’, ‘Clean beauty’, ‘Toxin-Free’ or ‘Organic beauty’ – whatever you want to call it, the beauty industry is changing! It has never been more exciting to be in this fast-paced ever-changing industry! 

The damaging effects of chemicals in skincare is no longer a secret. Toxic ingredients used in cosmetics can have adverse effects on the skin or overall health and let’s not forget the damage to the planet or the outdated and devastating practice of animal testing. 

Green is definitely the new black. Let’s look at why…


Because we want to be better humans

Consumers are far more educated than ever before and are very aware of their health and the health of the planet. They are seeking cleaner, greener products that fit their lifestyle and their desire to leave the planet a better place than what we inherited. 

It is far easier now than ever before to research products with a quick Google search. We are also exposed to marketing everywhere on social media by following our favourite celebrities who spruke their favourite (or highest paying) products and by target marketing algorithms that learn our preferences and expose us to ads that feed our needs and wants.

It’s no wonder that major cosmetic brands are jumping on the natural and organic trend as we see new lines being released that promise they are cleaner than ever before. While this looks like a great trend on the surface, the danger of being greenwashed is greater and it is important for consumers to be careful and aware of false marketing claims if they are looking for truly clean products. We go into greater detail about greenwashing and pinkwashing in Module 3 of Natural Beauty Training for Therapists.

The Global Natural and Organic Cosmetics Market was valued at a staggering USD 29.92 billion in the year 2021. Market research shows that Millennials are leading this trend toward healthy and clean products, driven both by the number of consumers in this age group and their buying behaviour. 


Because Global Demand is growing and is forecasted to continue

The demand for natural and organic skincare and cosmetics is seen by trend forecasters as a global change that started before the pandemic but has snowballed ever since.

The Covid-19 pandemic had a massive impact on the health and beauty industry which saw a shift in consumer preferences, with more people looking for clean and functional skincare products. Research shows this is projected to fuel the market’s growth well into the next decade. 

The growing concern about healthy skin is evident when looking at the share or segments in the Global Natural and Organic Cosmetics Market. Skincare holds a major share of the market with consumers spending the most on these products compared to other products such as makeup, haircare or body care products. 

How exciting is that? Not only are we due to see increased growth in natural and organic cosmetics but skincare takes the largest slice of the pie.

As we mentioned before, the Global Natural and Organic Cosmetics Market is currently worth USD 29.92 billion with skincare taking the lion’s share of 6.4 billion. Forecasters have estimated the skincare segment to grow to USD 12.27 billion by 2030.

The change towards products that nourish our skin as well as being highly effective and beautiful to use without containing ingredients that are harmful to our health or the health of our planet is all due to the demands and increased awareness of our clients.

If beauty therapists and their salons or spas are not jumping onboard, they will very soon be left behind!



So, as salon owners, how can we make sure we aren’t missing out on this segment of the market?


Educate yourself

  • Becoming educated about organic and natural products is the first step. 
  • Take part in our Natural Beauty Training course to become a clean beauty expert in just 6 weeks.
  • Read books and stock them in your spa or salon. You could even gift them to your staff.


Here are my favourites to get you started: –

Clean Skin in a Dirty World – Louisa Hollenberg

Truth in Beauty – Mukti

The Skin Nerd – Jennifer Rock


Ask your clients

A natural curiosity with your clients will show you what they really want within your business. Send out a survey to find out what they know about natural beauty. I’d recommend doing our course before you do this so you know what questions to ask. Do a small poll inside your spa or salon with easy questions and an easy way to answer. 

It could be as simple as a question like ‘Would you prefer if we used products that were better for your health and the environment but still worked to help with your skin concerns?’ You could then give your clients a way of voting ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to get your answers like giving them a small pebble to put in either the ‘yes’ jar or the ‘no’ jar.


Tell your clients

Be a leader in the industry and make the change for your clients. Consumers love to know they are making a difference without the effort of research or spending more money.

Imagine if you could offer your clients products that not only solve their skin problems but also help in stopping animal testing, reduce waste or protect their long term health. There are plenty or products out there that do all that and more.

Look at your practices in salon and find ways to make them more sustainable. Can you use reusables instead of disposables? Can you adopt QR codes to reduce your printing costs and waste? Can you change to natural cleaning products?

Once you’ve made these changes, shout it from the rooftops. Make sure you let your clients know the value of your natural products and sustainable practices via social media and in store. Train your staff on how important it is so they share that with the clients also.

You might find you attract new clients that are looking for salons or spas that have these sustainable practices.


Don’t get left behind! Green Beauty is the new black and it is here to stay.


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